Generations ago, when there were no commercial beauty products available, nor any scientific researches for facial care.… Imagine how women preserved their beauty and how they found their secrets to refine their appeals. Bringing out the ancient but the most glorious way, the precious sources obtaining from the nature of botanical offerings. We wisely unlocked the gateway for skin beauty with the natural powerful properties that treat and care about us.


To enhance the femininity, my great grandmother persevered and desired to show the optimal state for her skin. The story of Ching Beauty began with her who lived near the Northern mountainous areas in Manchuria with dry and harsh weather. Many settlers including her had commonly suffered from windburn during the winter months. They were determined to find a soothing remedy to protect from the harms. Being reluctant to give up, my great grandmother stepped up to venture the resourceful mountains, she carefully handpicked the benevolent herbs and earned a lot of valuable experience. After years of use on the fellows who believed in her secret therapy, the gentle herbal treatment tactfully eased away the signs of extreme dryness and magically achieved for more beautiful skin. Many of them were surprised of how it had rejuvenated the overall appearance and brought out their improved requisites.


Being the Founder of Ching Beauty, my philosophy and insight ingeniously combined the traditional Chinese herbs and the innovative technology to achieve the wellbeing of healthy and timeless skin. I devoted myself in the beauty industry for more than 10 years and I pursue a passion in upholding superior anti-aging products.


Women of today’s have high expectations, it is a matter of pride for our products to give confidence and reassurance for the ageless look we deserve. We readily reveal the secrets to enlighten women to look amazing on the outside and feel worthy on the inside without boundaries in all generations.



Joyce Tam

Founder of Ching Beauty






Encounter the Vitality of Oriental Herbaceous Plants  


Our Skin Care products are a demonstration of our commitment to you of upholding our mission. We display them proudly for many right selections we have made to make the highest quality, effective skin care products for you to encounter.

We emphasize the long-term health for your skin and skillfully sculptured our best formula to balance with herbal extracts in nature, talentedly merged with collagen for elasticity and moisturizing ingredients for extra firmness to fight for signs of aging. Beyond the visible improved appearance, we work hard to promote the vitality for healthier skin that lives within.

Natural Ingredients:

  • Raw materials derived from nature
  • No animal testing


good skin care whiten product good whiten product skin lightening balance skin color
good skin care whiten product good whiten product skin lightening balance skin color
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